Freebees For Businesses

Create a program for your business and enjoy the many benefits of the freebees network!
Freebees is much more than another Points program! It's a marketing platform allowing you to improve the consumer shopping experience! You want to target, get to know and retain your members and clients? You want to innovate and offer a new customer experience to consumers? You want to increase your income and sales? By awarding reward points against purchases, you will see an increase in traffic and revenue and you will be able to take advantage of the many marketing tools offered on the platform.
Studies prove it: It is known and recognized that it costs up to seven times more to conquer new customers than to retain existing ones. Loyal consumers buy 90% more often, spend 60% more per transaction and are five times more likely to return to do business with you.
Why choose Freebees?
The most important thing about a loyalty program is that there is clarity as to the value of points and how to retrieve them, and then a quick return of rewards. With Freebees, consumers receive a percentage of their purchases in Points. The value is always $ 0.01 per Point and the Member can use them instantly! Nothing could be simpler and easier!
Operating a business is difficult. Freebees is not. You are busy and that is why we have built a complete platform offering an easy-to-use business solutions. Nowadays, consumers are spoiled with many choices to procure products and services. Be sure to be part of their choices! Freebees offers you the tools to get there. You already have a lot of traffic in your business? Perfect! Thanks to the tools of the Freebees marketing platform you will even be able to increase the average invoice of your current customers, with the same traffic. Imagine the results you will get by adding the new sales opportunities you will be able to create...

The complete freebees partners' toolbox!

Retain your customers and grow your market
Make your occasional customers become regular customers. Not only will your customers be loyal, but they will increase the frequency of their visits and buy more.
Become a Freebees Partner allows you to have your own in-house loyalty program, integrated into a national program. Freebees allows you to better position yourself in the market and to increase your income by both purchases from Freebees Members of your community and of all other Freebees Members.
Make your products and services known
Our mobile applications keep your customers engaged, no matter where they are.
You can also benefit from additional visibility to all Freebees Members and consumers thanks to your page on our website and on our mobile App without having to pay for it. You will be visible everywhere and at all times through our efficient geotargeting system!
Increase your marketing effectiveness
The Freebees Program offers you powerful marketing tools! By becoming a Partner, you can manage your offers and promotions yourself as well as have the possibility to join the Program Members by targeting your customers according to your budget and / or your goals. Offering additional Points on your products and services instead of the traditional discounts will allow you to increase your income in addition to making your customers happy and loyal!
Building relationships with your best clients is paramount. Thanks to Freebees, you will be able to better understand their purchasing habits and reward them for their fidelity as they should, depending on the frequency of their visits or the products they consume.
Measure your results
Freebees offers your business or all of your franchisees the marketing power of a big-box store for a fraction of the cost!
To observe and measure the impact of your marketing strategies, reports are produced free of charge by the Program. On request, Freebees can develop expanded reports that can fuel your strategic planning. You will be able to learn more about customers and respond to their real needs. You will quickly find out that Freebees is a paid investment for your business!
Create your personalized gift cards
Take advantage of our expertise!

No time to feed your partner page content, to create Promotions to showcase your products and services or simply to manage your Freebees partner account? Our VIP Service Management is here to help!
In order to make your and your customers life easier, we take care of your loyalty program’s customer service and we are available to offer you all necessary technical support.
Online business solutions
You would like to do e-commerce and even to create your own e-commerce store? We have solutions for you! Email us at to learn more about these services.


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Gift Card $39/month* FREEDOM $199/month* E-COM $59/month*
Your business solutions
Your In-store loyalty platform

Free Freebees Membership Cards or Customized cards

Unlimited promotional tools

Your Online loyalty platform (if applicable)

Your page in the Freebees Mobile Application and website

Communication Module (Emails / Push notifications)

Promotions Management Module

Promo Codes Management Module

Gift Cards Module
(including online prepaid cards and gift card reloading)

Detailed Reports

Our Packages include
  • A marketing agent at your service
  • No transaction fee
  • Access to the Freebees national network
  • Technical support
  • Customer service for your customers
  • Free Updates

* Price per business location. FREEDOM Package regular price $199/month.


In order to facilitate Freebees transactions with your customers, the integration of Point of Sale software is a priority for us. Freebees is proud to collaborate with the best in this field to meet your needs! We are not yet integrated into your POS software? Put us in touch with your supplier and our team will be happy to work with them to develop a partnership.