Autopro Montcalm

Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles (general mechanics)

135, Boulevard Saint-Joseph
Gatineau, QC, J8Y 3W7

Phone : +1 819-600-1217

Current reward rate : Variable

Products and services :

  • Auto repair services!

    Purchasing a vehicle is a major expense, and your car is often exposed a variety of harsh conditions, such as rain, freezing cold, or extreme heat. NAPA AUTOPRO centres offer a wide range of automotive maintenance and repair services that will keep your vehicle running smoothly. Their certified and highly qualified technicians have the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, tools, and expertise to prevent costly automotive repairs. They’ll be able to suggest a regular preventative maintenance program that’ll keep your vehicle in great shape for a long time. Diagnostic, Shuttle, Transmission, Suspension, Exhaust, Air Conditioning, Windshield, Alignment, Tires, Preventive Maintenance, Electrical, Brakes

  • Car Maintenance

    A little NAPA Know How can take your car a long way When it comes to routine maintenance and repairs for your vehicle, a NAPA AUTOPRO centre is always your best bet. Our certified technicians have the expertise, know-how, and state-of-the-art tools to do the job right. They can help you keep your vehicle on the road longer and in good shape so that you can drive with peace of mind. A NAPA AUTOPRO centre technician will prepare a maintenance schedule that reflects the manufacturer’s recommendations. Keep in mind that all maintenance and repairs made at a NAPA AUTOPRO centre while the vehicle is still under warranty are just as valid and legitimate as if they had been done by your dealer. Best of all, our automotive maintenance work is covered by our comprehensive 12 month/20,000 km Peace of Mind Warranty. A survey conducted among Canadian consumers a couple of years ago showed that NAPA AUTOPRO centres have the highest level of satisfaction among all shops. Be like them and put your trust in our NAPA AUTOPRO technicians for your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs.

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